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Streaming-Only vs. Downloading: How to Deliver Your Videos

Posted by Sarah Southerland on Mar 27, 2014 2:38:02 AM

Should I allow downloading of my videos?

At Skilljar, instructors often ask us whether they should allow downloads of their videos. And since almost all of our instructors include at least 1 video in a course, it’s a very popular question.

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Introducing Skilljar and Instructor Dashboard feature

Posted by Sarah Southerland on Mar 19, 2014 8:22:59 AM

We’re excited to announce that Everpath has rebranded to Skilljar! In this blog post, we provide insight into what motivated our name change, how we made the transition, and what to expect for the future of Skilljar.

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How to Create Great Video Content: Part 4 (Talking Head)

Posted by Sandi Lin on Mar 15, 2014 3:45:34 AM

In last week’s part 3 of How to Create Great Video Content, we looked at screencasting. Today we discuss the talking head style in detail. This technique shows the face and shoulders of the presenter as they speak into the camera.


The first priority you need for the talking head technique is a camera. There are many devices you can use that vary in cost, convenience, and level of video production expertise needed.

  • phone - you can use the video feature of the camera app, easy as it sounds
  • tablet - very similar to the phone process
  • webcam - built into your computer
  • camera or camcorder - great quality but this option can get expensive

Once you decide on your camera type, you may be itching to begin. Before you start shooting, here are some production tips to consider.

  • use a script to help your pace and delivery
  • turn your phone or tablet horizontally
  • tripods can be helpful for stabilizing your shot, and you can find inexpensive ones for as little as $7 - $20 (depending on the camera type)
  • use a microphone for better audio quality: USB-style if you are using webcam, or clip-on for the other devices
  • you don’t need professional lighting, just a well lit space!

Photo by Yuri Samoilov Photo / CC BY

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How to Create Great Video Content: Part 3 (Screencast)

Posted by Sarah Southerland on Mar 5, 2014 5:56:25 AM

Welcome to the next installment of our How to Create Great Video Content series. Enter screencasting, technique #2.

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