The Top 5 eLearning Acronyms (And What They Mean)

The eLearning industry is full of acronyms - in fact, the word eLearning itself is shorthand for electronic learning! Interested in learning the common industry jargon? Here is our handy guide to the top five eLearning acronyms.


1. LMS (Learning Management System)

A Learning Management System is a software system that is used by training organizations to deliver and track learning activities, with an emphasis on eLearning.

There are two common tyes of LMS systems: installed and SaaS. The installed type requires hosting on an organization's own server. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) type is hosted in the cloud.

The features that an LMS includes will also differ greatly. Depending on the platform, or a company's specific training needs, an LMS might include features like:

  • Course authoring tools
  • Course delivery
  • Course catalog
  • Assignments and gradebooks
  • Discussion forums
  • Analytics
  • Student registration
  • E-commerce
  • Data integrations

You may be noticing the theme that LMS systems vary greatly. They are evolving rapidly, too. We'll be doing a full blog post on this subject to dive into these details.

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