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Tips and Trends: Skilljar's Top Blog Posts of 2014

Today's post is a list of our most popular blog posts from 2014. I hope this list provides an easy way for you to find helpful articles we've shared in 2014 about the eLearning industry. We cover topics ranging from content production tips, to best practices as you plan your training strategy, to our thoughts on the latest eLearning trends.

It was fun looking back and putting this list together, and I hope it’s helpful for you.

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Benefits of an Online Training Platform

Because Skilljar specializes in powering self-paced online courses, we often get asked about the benefits of using an online training platform versus other types of customer support.

Many companies begin investing in customer success by creating support resources like the following:

  • A knowledge bank of support articles
  • How-to video tutorials on YouTube
  • Virtual webinars or office hours

These are all useful ways to help customers answer specific questions. However, offering training provides incremental benefits. We define "training" as including these additional elements:

  • Learner registration (whether public, private, free, or paid)
  • A structured sequence of content and learning objectives (curriculum)
  • Demonstration of knowledge through course completion, certification, a project, or an assessment.

The Benefits

Now that we've defined training, let's discuss the benefits of using an online training platform, above and beyond what what other types of support can provide.

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Upcoming EU VAT changes for online courses

On January 1, 2015, the EU is implementing new rules for how VAT is calculated on digital items sold to consumers, including pre-recorded (asynchronous) online courses. There is considerable confusion about what EU VAT changes will mean for online course providers. This post provides our recommendation for how instructors can comply with rule changes using Skilljar's course platform.

Disclaimer: We are not tax experts. Please consult your own advisor with questions and risks specific to your situation.

Credit: 401(K) 2013 via Compfight cc
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New Feature: Course Credits

With our newest addition to course settings, instructors can define the number of credits that a course is worth. This provides specific insight into the quantitative value that learners will gain from a course. This feature is especially important for the following training examples:

  • course hours for Continuing Education courses
  • course credits for state or court-mandated training
  • course points for any type of training utilizing gamification
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New Feature: Course Catalogs

We are very excited to announce our newest feature launch! With our newest feature, learners can easily find the courses they need by navigating through course categories.

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Mobile Learning: What to Look for in an LMS

In today's world, learners are interested in taking online courses from their phones and tablets more than ever. Mobile learning, or m-learning, should be an increasingly important part of your online training program. There are a number of reasons driving the m-learning trend:

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New Feature: Require Sequential Lesson Flow

Now you can require trainees to complete each lesson in a sequential order before moving on to the next lesson. Although one of the benefits of self-paced learning is the ability to freely navigate around the curriculum, we understand that sometimes your instructional design calls for trainees to unlock each lesson in a strictly linear order.

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