3 Benefits of Self-Paced Training for Customer Onboarding

Posted by Sandi Lin on April 30, 2015

At Skilljar, our clients are typically looking to both scale and improve their customer onboarding process. "Customer" onboarding also refers to channel partners, 1099 contractors, and community members as well as direct customers. Training sessions are typically driven by customer success managers and delivered either in person or via live video conference using a program like WebEx.

There are many benefits of adding an on-demand, self-paced option for customer onboarding and customer training. Here are the top 3 benefits!

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New Feature: Invite Admin Users

Posted by Sarah Southerland on April 20, 2015

We've got another new feature for you! With our newest feature, you can easily invite new admin users to your dashboard to view analytics, as well as manage training. 

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Assigning Trainees to Analytics Groups

Posted by Sarah Southerland on April 17, 2015

We've launched three new features to streamline the process for managing analytics groups. Our newest features enable new trainees to be automatically assigned to groups. You can still assign an existing trainee to a group, just as you could when we introduced the abilty for trainers to view analytics by group. But with our new features, you don't have to manage this process manually. In this article we look at three ways to automatically assign trainees to analytics groups.

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Registration for Online Training

Posted by Sarah Southerland on April 14, 2015

The registration process for your online training is an important component of your training integration. It should be easy for learners to find and register for the courses they need. The process shouldn't require a lot of resources from your LMS admin to manage. Additionally, the registration process should support your company's unique needs. In this article, we look at four components of the registration process to consider as you plan your training strategy.

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What is Customer Success Software?

Posted by Sandi Lin on April 14, 2015

Customer Success is a relatively new term among B2B software companies. It combines elements of account management, customer relationship management (CRM), onboarding, training, implementation, and support in order to help customers successfully adopt and use a product in the long-term.

Previously, customers bought software on multi-year license agreements that required heavy implementation. Once the contract was signed, it was very difficult and expensive to switch providers. In today's subscription economy, many B2B software companies have self-service billing options and customers are able to try many different options before signing up. With fewer human touchpoints and ever-decreasing transition costs, Customer Success has evolved as a practice to help companies proactively manage the health and retention of their customer base.

This article summarizes the different types of software that are commonly used by customer success professionals.

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How to Budget for Outsourced eLearning Content

Posted by Sandi Lin on April 7, 2015

In addition to finding an online training platform like Skilljar, companies frequently need to outsource some or all of their eLearning content creation. In this article, we describe general expectations for your content budget, based on different scenarios for outsourcing eLearning development.

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Skilljar LMS Publishing Settings

Posted by Sarah Southerland on April 6, 2015

Once you've created your training content and set up a course, you're ready for the next step: publishing! Publishing is the final step to make your course available for registration. Skilljar's robust publishing tool provides many options to meet your unique training needs. In this article, we review each of these different publishing options. So give yourself a pat on the back for finishing your content (that's the hardest part of the process!), and check out the options below as you get ready to publish your course.

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Skilljar LMS - Announcing New Features for April 1st

Posted by Sandi Lin on April 1, 2015

It's April 1st and we're excited to launch some new features that are very much in-demand. Read on for the complete list!

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