New Feature: Integrating a Remote Proctored Exam

We love announcing new integrations and are especially excited to offer a way to connect your Skilljar training site with remote proctored exams through Innovative Exams!

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The Customer Success Stack

Sales, marketing, and development teams have had their own software stacks for years. 

  • A full-stack developer is fluent across front-end, back-end, and database languages and tools.
  • A full-stack salesperson can do lead research, prospecting, demos, proposals and closing.
  • A full-stack marketer is expected to run online demand generation, content marketing, SEO/SEM, lead conversion, scoring, nurturing, and even manage offline channels. 

In all of these cases, there are dozens (if not hundreds!) of software tools that are combined to create a complete and robust supporting software stack. 

Customer success management, however, is a fairly new discipline that is still in its infancy when it comes to software. Customer success combines elements of account management, customer relationship management (CRM), onboarding, training, implementation, and support in order to help customers successfully adopt and use a product in the long-term.

What are the must-have software tools in a modern customer success stack? Read on to find out!

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Faster Analytics, Plus Student's Group and Course Completed Date

We've improved our Analytics pages by making them faster and adding more information, see below!

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New Feature: Add & Remove Live Training Attendees

We're excited to announce our new feature where you can manually add or remove attendees of your live training events straight from the Skilljar dashboard!

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New Feature: Skilljar Site Status Updates

Stay up-to-date on Skilljar's system status in real-time!

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