How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customer Onboarding

When scaling an on-demand customer education program, customer success organizations are also concerned about the quality and effectiveness of onboarding and training. Scheduled phone calls for onboarding, while difficult to scale, are at least a way for customer success managers (CSMs) to interact directly with the customer, get a pulse on their satisfaction, and respond in real-time.

On-demand training, when implemented correctly, can actually increase the effectiveness of customer onboarding when paired with instructor-led training. Read on to learn the 4 ways to increase training effectivness.

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Using Agile for Developing Training Content

Agile is an organizational process successfully used by many software development teams around the world. Many training teams are looking at using agile principles for developing learning content, but the industry has been generally slow to adopt this methodology. Why? Read on to learn more!

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4 Customer Benefits from On-Demand Training

Most customer success teams run new customer onboarding by scheduling a series of sequenced phone calls. While this seems easy to implement, having your customer success managers (CSMs) run 1:1 and asynchronous processes is very difficult to scale.

This onboarding experience isn't ideal for your customers either. Key attendees might have scheduling conflicts, it's difficult to capture knowledge, and customers may prefer to consume information differently than how it's presented.

Offering on-demand training is a proven, successful strategy for scaling customer onboarding and education. In this post, we describe the 4 key benefits of on-demand training for your customers.

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Pioneer Square Food Trucks: Integrating Twitter and Slack via Zapier

At our Pioneer Square office, we like being able to see the rotating food trucks in Occidental Park. We're likely moving soon, and won't have direct line-of-sight into our daily lunch options.

Solution? We've set up a new Twitter feed that automatically alerts us to the daily food trucks available. Subscribe here:

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How to Scale Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a increasingly important part of long-term customer success, yet is also one of the most difficult components for a customer success organization to scale.

As your customer base grows, it becomes more challenging to deliver a consistently excellent customer onboarding experience. Your customer success managers (CSMs) are spending an increasing amount of time on basic activities, your customers are clamoring for more onboarding resources (particularly SMBs), and you have a finite headcount with which to support them.

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Skilljar Whistler Trip

We had a great weekend in Whistler. Here's our team photo:

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Skilljar Joins Marketo LaunchPoint to Help Leading Enterprises Scale Customer Training

We're excited to announce our offical partnership with Marketo LaunchPoint™, the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions. The technology partnership enables seamless integration of Skilljar's fast-growing customer training solution with Marketo's engagement marketing platform.

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10 Strategies for Customer Onboarding

In the final post of our customer onboarding series, we summarize the 10 strategies we introduced in the 3 previous posts. To recap:

  • Part 1 - we discussed training techniques, including on-demand training, instructor-led training, and public webinars.
  • Part 2 - we covered automated strategies, including in-app messaging, knowledge banks, and email drips.
  • Part 3 - we introduced human-based approaches, including onboarding managers, community, live chat, and support tickets.
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Happy New Year from Skilljar

What a difference a year makes.

2015 was a time of incredible growth for Skilljar. At this time last year, we'd just made the tough decision to pivot away from individuals/SMBs and focus on enterprises. We had early indicators that the market was promising but did not know whether this new direction would succeed. We still had capital from our angel raise, but were not on track to reach VC-expected milestones.

So I'm incredibly proud and gratified with the progress we've made in 2015. We went from virtually zero to dozens of enterprise customers post-pivot, continually learning from our customers along the path to achieving product-market fit and healthy revenue. We welcomed outstanding new team members, including raising a VC round from fantastic investors. Our product is truly enterprise-ready, including integrations with Marketo and Salesforce, SSO, and REST APIs - and we're even closing new deals on New Year's Eve.

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