Meet Matt Buchan, Director of Finance at Skilljar

I'm very excited to introduce Matt Buchan, our new Director of Finance and Operations at Skilljar! I had the great privilege of working with Matt while at Amazon, and am absolutely thrilled to be doing it again. There is an incredible amount of back-office operations at a rapidly growing SaaS startup - financial planning and analysis, data and metrics, forecasting, bookkeeping and controllership, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, invoicing, income and sales tax, not to mention all the other corporate functions (HR, IT, procurement, facilities, compliance, and more). In just 1 week, Matt has already taken over these responsibilities and is making an enormous impact.

Matt is originally from Seattle and has spent the last year on sabbatical traveling the world. I have also recently learned that he is "virtually unbeatable at Bananagrams," and as a former Jeopardy contestant and American Crossword Puzzle Tournament participant myself, I heartily accept the challenge!

Welcome Matt!

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What Is Customer Success Operations?

In our eBook released this month, we covered the typical roles you'd find on a Customer Success Team and why they're important. In this post, we'll specifically discuss Customer Success Operations.

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Ask a CSM: Q&A With Kristine Olson, Digital Guardian

In this edition of our Ask a CSM series, we're chatting with Kristine Olson, Director of Global Training at Digital Guardian.

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CSMs: What They Are & Why You Need Them

In our eBook released this month, we covered the typical roles you'd find on a Customer Success Team and why they're important. In this post, we'll specifically discuss Customer Success Managers (CSMs, for short) and the role they play in the post-sale world.

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Choosing an LMS: Build or Buy?

In choosing an LMS, an important first decision is whether to build it yourself or to buy it from a vendor. In this blog post, we make the case for each.

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[New eBook] How to Build a Customer Success Team

With input from Simply Measured, Outreach, InsightSquared and more

SaaS companies have been experimenting with how customer success teams should be organized. Like any new team, the roles and responsibilities are a moving target. In this eBook, we lay out the common roles and job descriptions for key members of a typical customer success organization.

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4 Incentives for Completing Training

Trainers who focus on customer and partner education understand that their audience consists of busy professionals who are on-the-go. Unlike mandatory compliance training where employees are captive at their desks, customer training is an optional, yet critical activity that leads to faster product adoption and long-term success.

Creating compelling training content in bite-size, self-paced pieces is the first step to encouraging knowledge mastery. When course completion is an important goal (and it may not be in all contexts), we've identified four incentives that are successfully used to encourage customers and partners to complete training. Read on for the details.

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