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Should eLearning be Free?

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Linda Schwaber-Cohen
Linda Schwaber-Cohen on August 30, 2017

It's true that eLearning programs facilitate customer education in a scalable and sustainable way. However, creating high-quality content is still time consuming, and training teams have a lot to consider when deciding whether to charge for these experiences. This post describes a few things to keep in mind if you're not sure whether you should provide free or paid content.

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Back to School: 3 Steps to an A+ Customer Training Plan

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Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez on August 29, 2017

*This post was updated on 9/19/2017.

It’s that time of year again...summer is winding down, which means students and teachers need to prep for the busy months of learning ahead. The same is true for customer training teams.

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Training Tips with Rita Patterson, Manager, Customer Education at PayScale

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Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez on August 23, 2017

In this edition of our Training Tips series, we asked Rita Patterson, PayScale's Manager, Customer Education, to share her insights and tips about training customers!

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The Importance of Customer Education Data

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Colin Spikes
Colin Spikes on August 22, 2017

Data empowers businesses to transform decisions from ones based on gut instinct and status quo assumptions to data-driven processes, in which evidence is used to identify patterns and adapt program strategy.

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The Complete Customer Onboarding Checklist

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Pam Dodrill
Pam Dodrill on August 16, 2017

It’s onboarding time -- the most critical time in the relationship with your customer! They don’t really know you or your product yet, their hopes are high and it’s important to exceed expectations.

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6 Must-Read Articles on Training in Customer Success

Posted by Erynn Williams on August 15, 2017

*This post was updated on 8/15/2017.

Customer success is a relatively new discipline in the software/SaaS industry as well as other industries. Today’s most successful companies are recognizing that post-sales customer onboarding, training, and engagement are absolutely critical to long-term customer success. Using customer training software like Skilljar is key to accelerating time-to-value and optimizing product adoption.

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The Problem with Using a Higher Ed LMS for Customer Training

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Hong Chau
Hong Chau on August 9, 2017

Customer training platforms are not the traditional K-12 or even Higher Ed learning management system (LMS). They often offer functionality that many academically-focused platforms ignore. In this post, we’ll outline a few key differences between the academic and the extended-enterprise LMS, and highlight why they matter.

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Learn How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

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Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez on August 8, 2017

When developing an eLearning program for customer or partner training, it’s important to understand the unique characteristics of your learning audience, and know what different LMS options are available.

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Skilljar Releases Enhanced Salesforce LMS Integration to Drive Powerful Customer Training Insights

Posted by Erynn Williams on August 1, 2017

SEATTLE - Skilljar, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) platform for enterprises and their customers, announced today it has launched a major new update in the Salesforce AppExchange, with a four-fold increase in functionality and data availability. These improvements are already live and create even more actionable data for customer education teams that use Skilljar.

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