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Meet Casey Schumacher, Sales Development Rep at Skilljar

Posted by Erynn Williams on Jul 18, 2017 9:22:02 AM

Casey-Schumacher.pngWe are very excited to welcome Casey Schumacher to the Skilljar team as a Sales Development Rep! 

Casey is in charge of connecting with companies who want to successfully onboard, engage, and retain customers. She connects with training teams from all over the world to disucss their goals regarding customer training and how Skilljar can make those goals reality!

Welcome Casey!

Q: What three words would you use to describe yourself?
A: Crunchy - Passionate - Empathetic 

Q: What’s your favorite place to visit in Seattle?
A: Cal Anderson Park! I’ve only been to Seattle a few times, but I will always remember the first time I saw that park!

Q: Tea or coffee?
A: Tea!

Q: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
A: My companion pup! His name is Ramen and he’s the softest dog this side of the Mississippi.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I stay inspired by creating efficiency in my life and those around me. Finding new strategies to create better lives is something I live for. :)

Q: How did you first hear about Skilljar, and what interested you about the company?
A: I found Skilljar on Angel List and I was drawn to the company immediately because of the customer-success focused product. Staying close with customers and focusing on retention and reducing churn is so important and I love that Skilljar offers a tool to help make it easier, among other things. 

Q: Describe your last experience with online learning.
A: Easy— Being able to learn at my own pace really appeals to me. I tend to move quickly and I learn through application so as soon as I figure out the basics I look for ways to learn it through action.

Q: If you were going to offer a course online, what would it be about?
A: Rock climbing techniques and safety!

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