3 Reasons to Offer On-Demand Training


By on November 25, 2014 | 1 minute read 380

instructor-led-trainingIf your training program offers instructor-led training (ILT) solely, you may be thinking about how you can expand your training strategy without massively increasing your training resources. Have you considered incorporating on-demand training into your program? The on-demand method is gaining popularity, growing from 16% of all corporate training in 2013 to 23% percent in 2014 (source: Chief Learning Officer). 

You may be thinking that's great, but wondering how on-demand training can possibly replace your ILT? It doesn't have to. We recognize the benefits that ILT delivers to an organization, but we also understand the inherent downsides too.

  • Training sessions are only available at specific locations.
  • Scheduling challenges arise when sessions are limited to certain times of day.
  • Due to these limitations on your company’s training, your potential training ROI is also limited.

Skilljar just released our new eBook, "3 Reasons Why You Need to Offer On-Demand Training." In this free eBook, we look at the 3 key reasons to consider incorporating on-demand eLearning to complement your current ILT.

  1. Expand your trainee base - We'll look at how on-demand enables you to expand your training audience.
  2. Upsell your ILT - We detail how to use on-demand offerings to market your ILT.
  3. Optimize for training success - Here we take a look at how to pair on-demand training with ILT for an efficient and powerful training program.

Want to learn more about how on-demand training can benefit your training program? Download our free eBook.

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