[Customer Spotlight] ThoughtTrace Drives Improved Product Adoption with Skilljar


By on June 13, 2019 | 2 minute read 531

Our Customer Spotlight blog series is all about sharing how Skilljar customers are building and evolving their Customer Education Programs to drive positive business results.

This week, we’re profiling ThoughtTrace, the leading provider for artificial intelligence and machine learning for document intelligence. Read on for thoughts from ThoughtTrace's Director of Education and Enablement, Catalina Herrera

According to learning industry analyst John Leh, "In a world where customer success increasingly determines overall business success, customer education has become an imperative.” The world of high-tech customer education and knowledge management is facing massive changes and as more and more software is born in the cloud and sold as a subscription, customers will expect on-demand and/or virtual training to be part of the solution offered at the time of the sale.

As the Director of Education and Enablement at ThoughtTrace, the leading provider for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for contract analytics and document intelligence, I have seen firsthand the impact of Customer Education.

ThoughtTrace is a fast-growing SaaS startup where customer education is an essential driver of maximizing product engagement. We thrive on happy, engaged customers who see incredible value in using our app to its full potential. My background in education, product evangelism, data science, and analytics has taught me that Customer Education is an essential ingredient in the quest to grow an innovative company with transformative software applications.

The science of Customer Education arises with new generations in the workforce demanding digital credentials and easy to consume on-demand learning options. These options target not only new customers, but also new employees, existing mature customers, and experienced sales reps. To be successful, a Customer Education strategy must be scalable and be part of the overall go-to-market (GTM) strategy with objectives and key results tied to creating awareness and preference as the company grows. A healthy partnership with Sales and Marketing is also needed to take down the barriers and make content available to any and all, driving the cultural change that's needed for a new and better way.

For me, the more I know about our customers and their learning patterns, the better I can provide solutions that will fit our own community’s needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about ThoughtTrace’s Customer Education program and how we use Skilljar’s Data Connector to make more informed, data-driven decisions, please download the ThoughtTrace case study.

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