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4 Ways to Use Optional Lessons to Build a More Flexible Learning Experience

Skilljar recently released optional lessons, which are lessons that appear in courses, but aren’t required to complete a course. Any lesson type (e.g. text, Live Training, SCORM) can be set as optional. This gives you the ability to add supplementary content like surveys and reference material, while providing learners the flexibility to choose which lessons they want to view. And since your course completion rate will only calculate the completion of required lessons, you can more accurately see the completion rate of the lessons you want your learners to take.

Here are a few ways to use optional lessons to improve your training program!

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Now Available: Language Packs

Skilljar powers customer training programs at some of the fastest growing companies around the world such as Cisco, Procore, and Zendesk. As part of this growth, our customers are expanding their reach globally, and looking to create the best training experiences in local languages for their customers.

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