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By on December 10, 2015 | 2 minute read 519

We love launching new dashboard functionality, and are very excited about our new Upload tool for the Live Training feature! With this feature you can: bulk add users to a live event, bulk mark them as having attended, and download your Live Training roster.

With our Live Training feature, you'll create a lesson in your training course that includes the live events you want to offer, so users can register to the date/time that works best for them (learn more). This is great for webinars, classroom trainings, meetups, and more!

As always, users can self-register for the event, or you can add them one-by-one. With our new Upload feature, you can now: download your roster, use this as a template to upload a list of users to a specific live event, and mark users as attended all in a single upload.




This is great for:

  • Keeping all of your training analytics in one place - you can now maintain your live training attendees' and your online training users' analytics in Skilljar
  • Introduce more of your users to blended learning techniques by introducing your live training learners to your online training course
  • Managing attendance by downloading your roster for the live event

What is the user experience?

When adding users one-by-one or through the Upload feature, the user is automatically enrolled in the domain (if not already), enrolled in your course, and registered to that specific live event. The user receives the Live Training event confirmation email, which contains all the details of the event and add-to-calendar functionality. 


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