Skilljar Wins Third Consecutive Brandon Hall Award - Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training

SEATTLE - Skilljar, a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) for enterprises and their customers, announced today that for the third year in a row, Brandon Hall Group has awarded them Silver for excellence in the “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training” category.

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Customer Training Goals for 2018

This time of year, many people make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, or learn a new skill. Then a few months later...they’re back to their old habits. The same is true for customer training teams.

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Training Tips with Sarah Bedrick, HubSpot (Part 2)

In last month's Training Tips series, we asked Sarah Bedrick, founding team member of HubSpot Academy and their former Certifications Program Manager, to share some of her insights and tips about how they trained customers on the HubSpot Academy team. Continue reading to see her answers to two more questions!

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Recap: Customer Education Challenges & Solutions

On Thursday, December 14, Skilljar hosted the inaugural Seattle Customer Education Meetup. It was a huge success - thank you to everyone who attended!

We kicked off the night with a panel discussion where experts from Gainsight, Payscale, Smartsheet and Outreach shared insights around their top challenges and ways that they've overcome them. Then, we moved to a roundtable format to continue the conversations with everyone.

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5 Steps to High Quality Software Tutorials

Video is proven to be an effective means of training customers, and software tutorials lend themselves especially well to video. You don’t need an expensive setup, and you don’t even have to appear on camera. While you may be afraid to get started with video, with a little planning, it’s simple to get up and running with video tutorials.

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Your Customer Training RFP: a Template for LMS Selection

You understand the value of customer training, and are ready to invest in a learning management system (LMS). Now, how do do you find the right fit?  

After conducting some initial research, you may want to submit a request for proposal (RFP). In this blog post, we’ll outline what an RFP is, why they’re beneficial, and how this template can help you choose an LMS that meets your team’s specific training needs.

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Your Guide to the 2018 Customer Success and Training Conferences

With so many events in 2018, it can be difficult to figure out which conferences are the right ones for you and your team. If you are looking for the best customer success, customer training, and customer marketing conferences of 2018, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a handy guide to the upcoming events.

We’ll keep this list updated as we learn more. The TBD events are based on the month that they were held in 2017, but no 2018 conference dates have been released yet. If you know of an event that is not on this list, please let us know in the comments!

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[Webinar] The Art & Science of Effective Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is both an art and a science. To succeed, you need to find the right balance between a creative content strategy and a data-driven approach.

Rely too much on the right side of your brain, and you may be in danger of providing customers with safe, but stale messaging. Lean too far left, and how will you ever know the true impact of your program?

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