New Feature: Fill in the Blank Quiz Questions

Try our new Fill in the Blank quizzing functionality to test your students' knowledge! With Skilljar's quiz creator, you can use Fill in the Blank and Multiple Choice questions to challenge your users and ensure they're retaining your training content.

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2016 Customer Success and Training Conferences

Planning which conferences to attend next year? For professionals in customer success, customer training, and customer marketing, here's a handy guide to upcoming events.

We'll keep this list updated as we learn more. If we missed any, let us know in the comments!

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4 Roles for Your Customer Onboarding Team

In Part 3 of our Customer Onboarding blog series, we look at how your internal team members (people) can be involved with customer onboarding. For many businesses, a human touch is necessary for the customer onboarding process. Contrast this with Part 2, which focused on automated strategies, and Part 1, which focused on a dedicated training team.

Customer success is a very cross-functional discipline, incorporating aspects of sales, marketing, product management, and support. The strategies below might be owned by different functional teams than the formal customer success organization. Yet it's important for the customer success team to be involved with all aspects of the customer journey

In this blog post we dive deeper into onboarding managers, community, live chat, and support tickets. For a 1-page guide to all ten strategies, remember to download our free 10-Step Checklist for Customer Onboarding.

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3 Strategies for Automating Customer Onboarding

This Part 2 of our Customer Onboarding blog series focuses on automated ways for customers to help themselves. In Part 1, we covered how training can be used for onboarding via on-demand training, instructor-led training, and public webinars.

Automated onboarding is great for organizations that require low-touch, high-volume customer success, such as "freemium" or self-service products. It's not possible for customer success managers (CSMs) to provide 1:1 training at scale.

In this blog post we dive deeper into in-app messaging, email drips, and knowledge banks. For a 1-page guide to all ten strategies, remember to download our free 10-Step Checklist for Customer Onboarding.

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New Feature: Optional Course Registration Email Notifications

We always like launching new feature enhancements that come from your requests, and today we wanted to share that you can now turn on/off the automatic Skilljar course registration emails for you and your users! 

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3 Ways to Use Training for Customer Onboarding

The best customer success teams understand that customer communications is a multi-channel process. When you think about it, most customer-facing functions in a company are already multi-channel:

  • Sales teams use email, phone and LinkedIn to hunt down prospects;
  • Marketing teams use web, mobile, social, and email to educate buyers;
  • Customer service teams use chat, phone, email, and social to provide support.

All of these teams have multiple software tools to provide analytics and improve productivity. Yet many customer success teams still rely on a single channel - their customer success managers (CSMs), who schedule meetings and quarterly business reviews (QBRs) manually.

Our free 10-Step Checklist for Customer Onboarding provides a handy reference for ten different customer onboarding strategies. In this blog post we dive deeper into the first three - on-demand training, instructor-led training, and public webinars.

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New Feature: Editing Student Course Progress and Enrollment

We have a very exciting new Students feature where you can now: edit a user's course progress, course enrollment, lesson progress, and even generate a certificate for them!

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New Feature: Bulk Add Live Training Attendees

We love launching new dashboard functionality, and are very excited about our new Upload tool for the Live Training feature! With this feature you can: bulk add users to a live event, bulk mark them as having attended, and download your Live Training roster.

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How to Connect Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Hubspot

We recently started using Hubspot to track potential customers as they evaluate Skilljar's online training platform. While investigating the Twitter ad platform, I was surprised to find that Hubspot isn't listed as an integrated CRM or marketing automation provider (for the supported list, including Marketo and Salesforce, see

This is a major inconvenience, as we'd otherwise need to periodically download CSVs from each Twitter lead generation card in order to track signups.

Fortunately, Twitter provides an optional endpoint that I was able to successfully configure to work with Hubspot. Read on to learn how!

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10-Step Checklist for Customer Onboarding

If customer success is the key to sustainable business growth, then customer onboarding is the key to sustainable customer success.

Timely and proactive onboarding is the important first step for your customers to gain value from your product or service.

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Skilljar Wins Brandon Hall Award - Best LMS for External Training

Skilljar is excited to win the Brandon Hall Group's top award (silver) for 2015 Excellence in Technology - Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training. A huge thank you to our customers - your feedback is invaluable in helping us make Skilljar a great product that's easy to use and drives business results.

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