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4 Tips to Consider When Developing Content for Adult Learners

One of the most critical considerations when building a successful Customer Education program is developing content that addresses your learners' knowledge needs AND presents the information in a format that is engaging and valuable. While it is common knowledge that different formats appeal to different learning styles, it’s easy to overlook one key factor - the way that busy, modern adults learn is fundamentally different from traditional learning models that were developed for classroom-based formal school instruction.

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From Skilljar's CEO: 3 Keys to Unlocking a Successful Customer Education Program (Part 3)

In my last two blog posts, I discussed the importance of having a cohesive, overarching strategy and the establishment of a content development process in building a Customer Education Program. With this foundation in place, the third element of a successful Customer Education Program comes into play: technology. As our colleagues at TSIA Research explain, “With new learning approaches being introduced at a rapid rate, technology is a critical investment area for education services teams hoping to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

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From Skilljar's CEO: 3 Keys to Unlocking a Successful Customer Education Program (Part 2)

At our inaugural customer conference in November, Skilljar Connect, we asked our customers for their thoughts on the essential steps that must be taken before the first piece of content is developed for a customer education program.  From the responses, there was one recommendation that consistently stood out:

“Start with the goal and then move backward. Training has to be easy and add value. Also, if it is not easily consumable, then no one will take it.”

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From Skilljar's CEO: 3 Keys to Unlocking a Successful Customer Education Program (Part 1)

We recently had hundreds of customer education leaders in town for Skilljar Connect 2018. After the conference, I took some time to reflect on our journey and what distinguishes great customer education programs at companies such as MapR, Nintex, Procore, Quick Base, The Trade Desk, Zenefits and Zendesk.

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From Skilljar's CEO: Announcing Our Next Chapter

Today we announced our $16.4 million Series A funding from new investors Mayfield and Shasta Ventures, with participation from our existing investor Trilogy Equity Partners. As part of the financing, we’re excited to welcome Rajeev Batra from Mayfield and Doug Pepper from Shasta to the Skilljar board.

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Creating a Customer-Centric Salesforce LMS Strategy

As a CRM, Salesforce’s goal is to help you effectively manage customer relationships. However, when a new customer account is signed, Salesforce only has information on the sales and buying contacts at an organization, not necessarily the ultimate end users of the product.

This presents a significant challenge for professionals in the customer training, success, and enablement industry. How do you get behavioral data on your actual customers (the product’s end users) into Salesforce to better personalize customer messaging, understand adoption, and report on customer health?

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Innovation (or Lack Thereof) in the LMS Industry

If you’re unhappy with your LMS, you’re in good company. The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the oldest and most hated categories in enterprise software. According to a recent report from the eLearning Guild, fully one-third of organizations are “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with their LMS. In addition, over half of organizations are planning to change their LMS within the next year, and 89% within the next three years.

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Why Your LMS Needs to Integrate With Salesforce

At Skilljar, we understand that your business relies on Salesforce as the source of record for all customer data. Our Salesforce integration puts the LMS data you need right into your CRM, in real time, to increase your team’s efficiency and create a flawless customer training experience. When your team runs on Salesforce, you can accelerate results by seamlessly integrating your LMS and CRM, with the ultimate goal of improving your product adoption and long-term revenue.

In this blog post, we discuss the specific benefits of integrating your LMS with Salesforce.

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Meet Adrienne Domingus, Software Development Engineer at Skilljar

I'm very excited to welcome Adrienne Domingus to the Skilljar team as our Associate Software Development Engineer! Adrienne recently returned to Seattle from Denver, where she spent the first part of her career with the Denver-area public schools in operational and training roles. After several years, she decided to change careers and went back to the Turing School of Software & Design because she loved building systems and software. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Adrienne has already proven that she's taken to software development like a duck to water.

Adrienne will be managing technical relationships with our clients and assisting with their configuration, solutions, and setup. She'll also be supporting the engineering team on various development tasks, and will work directly with clients to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve technical issues.

Welcome Adrienne!

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3 Reasons Why Product Managers Make the Best Startup Founders

In the world of high-growth technology startups, many people have weighed in on the ideal functional backgrounds for founders. Common models are:

  • Hipster, Hacker, Hustler - The trio of designer, developer, and sales person.
  • Technical Founders - Think Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Founders get extra credibility for dropping out of college.
  • Design Founders - The success of Apple and Airbnb show the potential world-changing impact of design thinking.
Strangely, product managers (PMs) almost never show up on this list. In my view, PMs are severely underrated in early stage startups - as Skilljar grows, I'm increasingly finding my personal background in product management to be a critical foundation for success. Read on for the 3 reasons why product managers make the ideal founders.
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